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DNN Services and Support by the Patapsco Research Group

The Patapsco Research Group Specializes in DNN!


When it comes to DNN, we know our way around.  We have been actively supporting DNN since 2006.  We've seen a lot, we have solved a lot of problems (some of them difficult ones),  and we have worked on a lot of websites.  We have done installations, upgrades, skin development, and module development.  We have built websites from nothing and have rebuilt and enhanced existing sites websites.  Let us see what we can do for you.

  • Installation
    • We can install DNN on your serve, your hosting service or we can host DNN for you. 
    • We will get you up and running.
    • We will support you going forward.
  • Upgrades
    • We can and will upgrade your DNN installation!  Our record proves it.
    • We will quote you a fixed price, perform the upgrade, and install it on your production server.
    • We will bill you when the work is complete and you are happy.
  • Support 
    • We fix problems!  If you have a DNN problem, we can help.   Send us the details!
    • We can diagnose problems, repair repair them, and provide good advice on running and maintaining your DNN site.  
    • Please contact us for a quote. 
  • Development
    • If you need a DNN site, we will build it for you.
    • If you need a custom or semi-custom skin, we will create it and install it on your site.
    • We can help you select the appropriate modules for your site, or create custom modules.
    • If there is something else that you need, just ask.  Chances are we can to that, too!

We also are a high-technology scientific and engineering company that provides:

  • website and software development specializing in the utilization and application of DNN and ASP.NET technologies;
  • technical, analytical, and other specialized services in the areas of physics, analysis, and signal processing; and
  • specialized training.


We are scientists and engineers.

Our core areas of expertise include mathematics, and rigorous scientific analysis of signals and systems. More specifically, we perform sensor signal processing, information processing, signal classification and exploitation. We also have demonstrated capabilities in algorithm development, system engineering, test and evaluation, and technology evaluation. We can create and carry out complex experimental tests, design the equipment for the tests, collect and analyze the resulting data, and explain the test results to our customers using complex statistical analyses as well as plain English.


We are educators.

We develop specialized training programs in software and website development, and in scientific and numerical analysis.















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